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** 08/04/2013 - this project will be closing. I have moved from this project to Content Data Rotator which will be the new system going forward.

** 03/27/2013 - Since the release of SharePoint 2013, I am rewriting this project from scratch. The new Expert News Rotator 2 will be a big advance from the previous version.

** 11/02/2012 -  I have picked up this project again. I also have added source to the repository and will be removing the source code download file as it is now redundant.

Project Description
The Expert News Rotator has been revived with this new project, Expert News Rotator 2. This project is for SharePoint 2010 and is developed using C# and VS2010.

This project is to continue the development of the Expert News Rotator as no activity on the original has been done Since November 2010. Credits go to the creator of the Expert News Rotator. I have recreated the source from the original project in order to enhance the project and welcome others to join in.

1. Images per news item
2. Thumbnails for each news item
3. Limit Number of news Items
4. Items filtered by SharePoint Views

For more information on the original web part please visit:

Planned Enhancements / Features:

  • Choice to auto rotate through announcement items or no
  • Add compatibility for SP 2007
  • Choices to display announcement in modal window (dialog window), standard display link and customized page
  • Folder creation based on announcement title in document or image library for better organization of announcement images
  • Custom modal window to allow rotating through announcements within modal window
  • Rework number of items to be show to allow more than 10
  • Upgrade jQuery

Possible extension:

  • Add ability to display documents in rotator when Office Webs Apps is installed
  • Add vertical scroll to side nav to scroll through all announcements

Release Notes

This version includes the image uploader field control which creates a file uploader column for images.

To use this functionality do the following:

1. Create 2 columns on the appropriate announcements list - These columns should be of type "Image Uploader" and should be called "Main Image" and "Thumb Image".
2. The 1st image uploader column ("Main Image") should have a width set to 270px
3. The 2nd image uploader column ("Thumb Image") should have a width set to 50px
4. Remember to disable attachments for this list.

Then add the webpart to the page and edit the properties of the webpart (toolpane)

1. Set "News Image URL Column" to "Main Image"
2. Set "News Thumb Image URL Column" to "Thumb Image"

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